Try Easy

My theme for this year is ease: in body, mind and soul. My intention is to give up the fight and let life flow. To allow my body to ease into exercise, to ease my mind into meditation, to ease my brain into my work and ease my soul. Instead of trying to make things happen I will allow things to happen. in terms of my yoga practice this means not trying to achieve anything except maintaining my strength and flexibility if my body allows it this year. It means resting when I need to without worrying about losing what I've gained. It means teaching more than doing in my classes if that's what the class and my body are calling for. In my work it means to collaborate with others and not taking everything on myself. Allow others to help when they can. It means to find the enjoyment in my work again and not get caught up in the politics of it all. In my mind I will meditate without force (which never works anyway). I will allow my mind to go if it needs to and then gently bring it back to my meditation practice. I will be gentle with myself when I lapse and come back to the practice with ease once again. And all of this will mean ease for my soul. I feel a need to gentleness this year. To be gentle with myself and others. To allow healing to take place in my own soul and in relationships with others. I will try easy.