This year has had many ups and downs, just as every year does. I've loved teaching my yoga classes, have been honoured to provide massage to some great people. I've had the privilege of loving and committing to a wonderful man. I moved to a great apartment with views that are out of this world! Then there were the painful bits. My kidneys have taken a downward trend and a transplant is imminent. I lost a tremendous amount of money on the sale of a condo that likely means I'll never own property again. I've become more tired with my declining health. And then my mom and best friend and rock passed away. So now I get to choose what 2016 meant to me. I could say it was horrible because my mother died. But the truth is it was wonderful because she lived. It was wonderful because despite failing health I was able to continue teaching yoga and massaging. It was wonderful because of my partner. There were many joys and many laughs - many of them with my mom. I might grieve for 2016. So how do I move into the new year? Do I decide that 2016 was the last year that I was happy? Of course not. That would not honour my mother. My mother taught me how to choose life, how to choose happiness. I will carry memories of my mother for the rest of my life. They're happy memories full of love and inspiration. I will continue to grieve her no doubt, but I will also continue to celebrate her and honour her. I will continue to seek peace and pursue my dreams. I will continue to teach my classes to the best of my ability. I will take people up on offers of help when I need to. I will accept was comes to me in life with peace and equanimity. I will learn my lessons and grow from them. I will continue. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year. May we all find peace and acceptance in our lives.