Hard Lessons

Through life we are introduced to a wide variety of people. Some we feel instantly connected to, others over time we grow to love and still others we find very hard to be around. It's often said that the people in our lives who we find most difficult are our greatest teachers. I've found myself searching for the lesson just wishing the a particular person would just go away and perhaps whining "I don't want another lesson". But you know, it's all in our control.There is someone in my life that I was consumed with for quite a while. I felt disliked and reacted it to it. I perceived her behaviour as underhanded and sneaky. I couldn't shake the unfairness of what I perceived as them being against me in some way. And then one day I let it go. I'm not sure how or what triggered it, but I just sort of let go. I wasn't consumed anymore. I just decided not to be. I stopped paying attention to the perceived unfairness. And now I can hold a civil conversation with this person. Do I trust her? Not really. But I'm not focused on that anymore.Disliking someone and not being able to get your mind off them is so unhealthy. And it keeps our attention in all the wrong areas of our lives. Instead of focusing on those areas that are going great we allow our minds to shift constantly to what's going wrong and in doing so we create that more and more of that. I'm not sure it's parts of us that need to be healed or that we simply need to let it go, but I guess when it comes right down to it those two might be synonyms. Maybe in the letting go we heal. All I do know is that there is a lightness to letting go of what doesn't serve us. And that life takes us on quite the journey of lessons.stop-attracting-people-when-heal