Flow with the universe

The Universe is in a perpetual state of circulation. Whether it’s the water cycle, the food chain or the changing of the seasons, everything is in constant motion, performing in a ceaseless give and take, and always seeking balance. ~ Traci Pedersen

Everything in life ebbs and flows and when we resist either state, we suffer. The ebbs in life, the difficulties, the tribulations and times we are thrown off kilter are our great teachers and the flows provide pleasure if we allow them. Being at peace in both states can be difficult to attain because we want to fight discomfort, but very rewarding.ebb-and-flow-quotesWhen we remember that life isn't simply about seeking pleasure and that we can find true bliss at all times in every situation, we find peace. Peace is what I seek. And in all that I do, work, relationships, teaching classes, daily interactions we are given the opportunity to experience peace while riding the tides. That's not to say that we are in a perpetual state of happiness, we experience the entire range of emotions, simply without becoming attached or resisting them. Just experience.Fellow blogger Aalif commented to me in my last post a bit of advice provided to him by his mentor, GD, upon entering into a new relationship: “Don’t forget what the relationship is for. If it’s for pleasure you will always be disappointed. If it’s for growth, learning and evolution, you will always be happy, no matter what the outcome.”As soon as I read this comment I relaxed, seeing the truth in it. I needed a reminder and the universe promptly provided one to me through my friend Aalif. It always amazes me when this happens - when the universe hands you exactly what you need, supporting your decisions or answering your questions. And yet it happens all the time. One would think I'd be used to it after all these years. But then, having a sense of awe and wonder at the way the universe operates, at the way it ebbs and flows and provides what we need is likely a healthy attitude.And with that I find my flow once again, I shake the fears of a a growing relationship and carry on with my journey with the knowledge that all is well with the universe. Ebb and Flow Leo Buscaglia