Lojong Slogan 41~Two Activities: One at the Beginning, One at the End

This is part 41 of my series on Lojong, a Buddhist mind training technique to bring us closer to enlightenment.This slogan asks that each morning upon waking we consider what we can do to practice lojong. When we set our intention to become more enlightened (bodhicitta) and to create more loving-kindness through the day we are more apt to practice it.Each evening, a review of the day can allow us to see where we were able to maintain our practice and where we may have been derailed. Finding out what triggers us to lose our connection is an important piece of information.one-day-at-a-timeThis practice of setting the intention and reviewing the day isn't meant to be another way to beat ourselves up, but rather just to inform us of how we are doing. As always, the more we practice lojong, the more we engage in the practice of loving, kindness and compassion. Take each day as a new one and start the journey again.