Greetings from Paradise

I am at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas right now. I arrived on Thursday and spent a day catching up on sleep and resting. Sometimes life gets so hectic we barely notice our own exhaustion. I noticed it as soon as I was able to really let go. I'm here taking my next levels of Thai Yoga massage with a fabulous teacher, Kam Thye Chow, and in these courses we are learning how to incorporate Ayurveda into our massage practice. He gave an analogy for ignoring the warning signs in our bodies and minds, saying the we can keep rushing through yellow lights, and sometimes even red lights, but eventually we'll have an accident- we haven't heeded the warning signs to stop. And so it is with life; when we keep going and going and ignore the pains, the exhaustion, the imbalances, they become more of an issue. We can only ignore these things for so long before they catch up with us.I'm very lucky to be here on Paradise Island where I can take some time to slow down, where I can participate in long luxurious yoga classes, where I am given time to meditate and pray, and where I'm surrounded by beauty. It's a great way for me to become more balanced.And while in savasana, corpse pose, I can look up at this picture. How could I not slow down in Paradse?