Confessions of a Yogini

I confess, I don't take savasana at the end of practice all the time...hardly ever actually.savasana, relaxation, meditation, energy flowThis morning I did a tough core flow practice and afterward lay on the mat spent and started to talk myself through a savasana as I do with participants when I teach. I felt each body part relax in turn, grow heavy and sink into the floor. I felt knots loosen in my shoulders and neck. I felt my mind slow down and let go of thoughts. I felt myself let go of efforts and just be in the moment. Throughout practice I stay very 'in the moment' nowadays- it wasn't always like that. But at the end I typically jump up and get on with the day as my mind goes to all of the things I need to do. Today I just lay there. I felt the energetic flow throughout my body; wondered briefly if everyone can feel that when they relax. Let go of that thought and felt myself floating in this energy. It's a wonderful thing to do for yourself, to completely let go in this way. It 'seals in the practice' as yogis often say. But it's more than that. You give yourself permission to truly let everything go. It's different than other forms of relaxation. It is to purposefully relax. To have the intention of only relaxation. It's similar to meditation, but even a little different than that. I really need to remember that in addition to my daily meditation and my daily yoga practice I need to take the time to do savasana and let mother earth completely support me. In doing so I become more supportive of others.