Titibasana ~ Firefly Pose

Photo From:View on blackI was practicing titibasana today and thought I'd do a post on it. It's one of my favourite poses (I love arm balancing!). This pose requires a strong core and you need to know how to engage it. It's important to know how to use your bandhas if you want to get into this pose.It's easier to start standing with the feet about hip width apart. Bend the knees and bring the hands behind the heels with the fingers pointing toward the feet. Start to sit your thighs on your upper arms. Keep a bend in the elbows as you do this. When you can feel the balance of your weight on your arms, start to take your feet up from the floor. You must engage the core here. As the feet lift, tilt your pelvis forward a bit so that the butt lifts a little higher. Remember to breathe!I fell out of this pose onto my butt many times before getting it. Be patient with yourself. Remember ahmisa, non-harming; don't risk harming yourself to get into a pose. After all you don't become a better person because you can do a yoga pose.Challenging poses like titibasana are fun to do, a good challenge and feel quite satisfying when you first get into it. It's important though, not to let it feed your ego. That's really not the point. While it's wonderful to have a physical challenge, while in the pose, look at your where your mind goes. Can you quiet your mind and focus on the breath? Can you find stillness here? Can you detach from taking the final pose if you aren't ready to get into it? These are the real lessons of yoga. We learn to accept where we are on any given day and to face stress with a calm mind and an open heart. And we take that lesson into our daily life.