I'm 50% Tupac, 50% Deepak

Deepak quoteSomeone came to my yoga class with this written on their t-shirt and I loved it! I exclaimed "That is so me!" And that is the absolute truth.You can certainly walk through the ups and downs of my life with me here on my blog. You can find the issues that I get passionate about and all of the emotions that go with that passion. Sometimes, you get a bit of the crazy me. But it's all me; authentically and honestly, wholeheartedly me.Since I started writing this blog back in April of 2012, I've evolved somewhat. As I get a little older I've started being much more vocal about things that happen in my life, I've started allowing expression that might be controversial, I've started speaking out about injustices and social issues. I've started finding the inner warrior - the warrior that looks out for me, and also for others. It's been an interesting progression from writing solely about yoga and spirituality in terms that are soft, to finding this other voice. To be honest, this is a voice that I tried to deny for some time. I thought I had to be soft and positive about everything in order to grow spiritually. But growth takes many forms and a lot has gone on that hasn't been positive, no matter how we want to spin it. And I've come to realize my journey is much more than finding peace in situations. It might be fighting for peace too. And I think peace is worth fighting for.tupac-shakur-rapPeace for me, for people of colour, people of different genders and orientations, peace for women and men, peace for everybody. And I guess until we can safely say that everyone has the opportunity to experience that sense of peace equally, I need to take my part of the ownership of getting there.I still love yoga and yoga philosophy. I love teaching and feeling the joy of yoga. It keeps me sane a lot too! So I'm a little bit Tupac and a little bit Deepak, and happy to be both!