Just a weed

weed jpegI  saw this little weed poking out through the pavement while taking my dog out. It's just a little thing, not all that interesting or tough looking. Just all by itself there, surrounded by debris in a driveway. I think it's called a groundsel, and if so, it can be poisonous to livestock.It's a bit inspiring though, isn't it? I mean, it's this spindly little thing, but it can actually break through pavement and could kill animals - big animals even! Seems bizarre. That's a lot of strength in those little leaves. A lot of persistence even. So how did it get to be that strong? Adapting to new circumstances likely.We, too, adapt to new circumstances. I often hear people talking about 'the new normal'. As if that phrase alone can cure us of the discomfort or pain that takes place around some change. We do need to adapt to a new normal when our lives change. We also have to recognize that it can take time; we need to keep compassion for ourselves and allow the adjustments to come to us in our own time. That doesn't mean giving up and allowing ourselves to be swallowed up by grief or depression or whatever other emotions come when a life change happens. It just means taking the time to adapt; feeling whatever we feel and allowing it to pass when it does. This weed has likely been around for a long time. When pavement started to become a new circumstance it probably didn't poke through right away. It adapted to this new way of life.How we adapt to changes is different for everyone, I'd imagine. Meditation, breath work, yoga, journalling and blogging are my typical outlets to work through issues - to adapt. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it takes longer than other times. Eventually I find my equilibrium again - adjust to my new normal. However, when we fight our circumstances, whether by our actions or thoughts, we tend to stay out of balance. It's only when we surrender to what is that we come to peace again, I find.Surrender is one of the big overarching lessons in my life I believe. It's one I come back to over and over. Maybe it's an overarching one for humanity itself.