set-me-freeIn the ninth discourse of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that it is with knowledge combined with devotion that he is able to attain freedom from the cycle of birth and death. This is the Kingley science, the Kingley secret, and is realized through direct intuition and knowledge. Krishna goes on to explain that all beings exist in the lord, but that the lord does not dwell in all beings. The lord supports and makes manifest all beings, but they must choose to devote themselves to the lord. The cycle of birth and death is natural for beings that are attached to living in the manifest world, but with detachment and realization of one's true nature comes freedom. It is this realization, or joining with, the supreme being that is the goal in life.When we come from a place of offering up our actions and thoughts to God (or whatever you like to call this energy) we are devotional. This is what it means to surrender. We still act, however our actions are for the betterment of human kind as a whole. We are able to get out of our own limited experience and think more broadly about what the world needs, about how we can serve and how we can help. Service may be in any form and may be small or grand. The point is to be thinking about more that just ourselves. Sometimes a simple smile is the very thing another needs. In these small gestures we can recognize God energy in our fellow beings and surrender to our dharma.