Self care 

For my self care today I went to a restorative yoga class that included a 30 minute yoga nidra. It was very relaxing and meditative. I had a lovely practice with a lovely teacher, Helen Fong. Helen is one of those teaches who says the exact right thing with the exact right tone and is able to set the mood for deep relaxation. I'm grateful for having received this practice today which was centered around Remembrance Day. There was poetry, self care and an energetic sharing that was made possible by our grandparents and great grandparents efforts in two world wars. I appreciate and feel gratitude for my country, my fellow citizens and for the outpouring of love that is coming on the heels of what many are feeling is a tragedy in the USA. Our self care is important as it gives us the energy, the compassion, the ability to give to others. Share the love - and remember to nourish yourself first so that you have more to share.Namaste 🙏