Sankhya Yoga

On this, my third day of restructuring, Trump was elected the President of the United States. I'm in shock to say the least. This entire campaign is part of what brought me to this place of losing faith and here it is, a reality. I fear for minorities, for women for members of the LGBTQ community. I fear for the world. And yet, we all must carry on with the mission of spreading love - now more than ever. I may need to take my moment to grieve today, I'm a little teary eyed I must say. But then there's work to be done.krishna-quote-inactionToday I'm looking at the second discourse of the Bhagavad Gita (if you missed the opening, here's the recap).Arjuna is feeling quite agitated as the war is about to start. Krishna explains to him the imperishable nature of the soul; that nothing is as it seems. The people that Arjuna is feeling attachment to are other souls. When the body dies, it will be reborn into a new body. One must perform one's duty (for Arjuna this is fighting in war) without thinking of outcomes. Anything that changes is after all, unreal. The soul (or self) is the only thing that is unchangeable and so the only thing that is real. The self cannot be cut, burned or otherwise destroyed. So there is nothing to fear.The Gita looks at pleasure and pain, hot and cold, victory and defeat as the same and so does not judge one to be better than another. A person in physical form is meant to carry out some duty. If we look at this in terms of the modern world, perhaps my job - my duty - is to impart some knowledge into the world, some love into the world without any means to an end. So regardless of what I see happening out there (Trump winning the election for example), my duty does not change. I must remain determined to bring more love into the world. I cannot get despondent and turn to inaction.

"Thy right is to work only, but never with its fruits; let not the fruits of actions be thy
motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction" ~ The Bhagavad Gita,