Oh, the injustice of it all!

quote-when-you-believe-in-something-fight-for-it-and-when-you-see-injustice-fight-harder-than-brad-meltzer-70-51-89When do we fight and when do we decide to let go? It's a fine line and one that I don't want to cross lightly. The energy around fighting, even when fighting for something you believe in, is tough. It's exhausting on an emotional level. And it just feels bad.I am living in a condo in which values have dropped over the years because of policy changes and changes to the outside of the building itself. Where there were once beautiful gardens there are now concrete and rocks (queue  music here "pave paradise and put up a parking lot"). Where dogs were once welcome they are no longer allowed. They say it's for the good of the building. I say time for me to go.The problem is the changes that have been made over the six years I've been living here have lowered the values to the point that I am now listed at $7000 below what I paid for it. And that's after having done costly upgrades. The market is bad, for sure, so I didn't expect to make any money on the place when I moved, but to lose so much? This isn't OK. But it's changeable. I've had a lot of interest in the unit, if dogs were allowed that is. I followed the path I should follow. I asked the board to add a review of the rule around dogs to the AGM agenda in light of new information that the no dog rule has lowered values. I was told I could not add the item to the agenda. I wrote to the management company asking them to review the rule and ensure other owners are aware of what's happened to their investment. I was told no. I was also told that I should have attended a meeting that I was given one days notice about to express my concerns - you know- the concerns I already expressed in writing not to mention verbally when the original rule came to be. I replied I was working and that one days notice of an AGM wasn't actually legal.So now I have to decide whether to take my fight to the streets - corridors, actually - and start knocking on doors and talking to other owners. I need to decide if I want to formalize the complaint legally. The problem of course, is that I can't afford a lawyer. I just want to sell the place, I don't want a fight. But the board and management will not even hear the concerns let alone let other owners hear them. I'm frustrated because I'm being shut down from having my voice heard.So the big question is where is the spiritual lesson here? In the fighting for something I believe in or letting go? It feels completely unjust to me so I think I need to fight. But maintain my inner peace as I do so. So really, I'm not fighting at all, I'm taking a stand. I'm making my voice heard.