"Whatever arises...Love That" ~Matt Kahn

  "When you acknowledge everything you love, you begin to love everything you acknowledge." ~  Matt Kahn

love energy
Image from: https://www.pinterest.com/donnafazz/energy-flow/

Do you remember the old song 'Love the One You're With' by Crosby, Stills and Nash? It came out when I was about 2 but it's one of those songs that everyone seems to know (or at least I think they do. Younger generation- do you know this song?) I remember hearing it as  a teen and thinking oh sure, just settle for anyone. It irritated me. Mind you a lot irritated me then :)

I'm 47 now (48 in another week!) and I've come to realize that loving is a choice we make. It isn't some magical moment when we fall in love; it isn't out of our control. It's a choice. That isn't to say that you stay in an unhealthy relationship because you choose to love, but that you can  still operate from love and know what's best for you too.
It goes deeper than relationships between two people though, doesn't it. Whatever arises, Matt Kahn says, love that. Can you love your circumstances whatever they are? Love your job, your health, your mind, your body. If you have disease can you love it? If you are living in poverty can you love that? What would happen if instead of struggling or fighting against circumstances we sent love? It seems counter-intuitive, like we're accepting whatever is and not wanting change. I have kidney disease, I don't want it. Shouldn't I fight? But what happens if I love the circumstances around kidney disease. I appreciate that my kidneys have been hanging on for 25 years when doctors thought I would need a transplant long ago. But I don't want kidney disease. But have I learned anything from having this disease? I've learned I'm pretty strong. I've learned that food choices make a bigger difference than I ever could have known without it. I've learned that when I need to I can push through exhaustion and how to fully relax when called for. I've learned that the mind is powerful and that we can be happy no matter what. I've learned that my family and friends love me enough to give up an organ for me if needed. I've learned that you can point yourself in the direction of your goals but you have to be open to change. There's a lot to love there isn't there? There's energy in love. There's energy in our words and thoughts. And the more we send love, the more love comes back to us. And that love energy is all that really matters isn't it?
Acknowledge everything you love, even the tough bits. Let's see if we can heal our hearts and minds with love.