Lojong 40 ~Correct All Wrongs With One Intention

This is part 40 of my series on Lojong- a Buddhist mind-training technique

StuckWe encounter obstacles in our spiritual path all the time. Sometimes they're external like being busy with work, family crisis, becoming ill or any number of things life throws our way. Other times obstacles are internal; you feel depressed, you have doubts, you're preoccupied with other things, you may be just plain burnt out. Sometimes these sorts of obstacles can leave us feeling stuck in place and we may feel like giving up. Fighting never works - even when fighting within your own mind. We can't fight our way to more peace. We can't bully ourselves into moving forward. As with everything in life, when we approach our own obstacles with love and compassion we can gently move through them. When we encounter disheartening feelings on the spiritual journey a gentle reminder of the true intention behind the path is called for according to Acharya Judy Lief. The intention behind all of the Lojong teachings is loving-kindness. Come back to it each time. We might immediately forget it, but every time we notice those feelings of being stuck we have another opportunity to practice loving-kindness again.