If It Serves You

self love
This is is a phrase you hear in many yoga classes; we yoga teachers love it. So what is meant by "if it serves you?" In the context of a yoga class, the teacher is asking that you observe what's going on in your body when you enter a pose. You need to discern whether or not going into it deeper is the right thing for you. You need to ask yourself  if you're feeling pain; If something good will come from the pose; if you will will end up injured; if it will give you an appropriate challenge. If your answers tell you to go further, then going deeper serves you.In life, we need to also ask whether our behaviors and actions serve us. What is for our highest good? If we can look at our lives and know that when we act we believe that we are serving the soul we are doing what's right for us. This isn't a moral question. It isn't a legal question. It's a question to your very soul.Imagine that you have absolutely no money and a small child to care for. You're out of options in terms of getting food legally. Would it be serving your highest self to steal? It might be. It might now. It's something you search within yourself. You're the only one that knows what's right for you. Use your inner knowing, your intuition, your gut instinct to feel what serves you and you'll never go wrong. A step to hearing this inner knowing is to begin to love and trust yourself. By having compassion for yourself, by knowing that you are doing the best you can with your circumstances you will take the first steps to develop self love. Then you can take steps to develop self trust and act on your own instincts. You will serve yourself.