Peace Day

Image from: weknowyourdreams.comToday is the International Day of Peace. It's a day that the United Nations calls for all warring parties to put down their weapons and have a cease fire. There are two different meanings  to peace. One is the freedom from or cessation of war; the other being freedom from disturbance, it is tranquility and calm. For me peace encompasses the second definition and looks within. When my mind is calm, when I let of of struggling, I feel peace. When this inner peace is unshakable others around me respond in kind. They too feel more peace. Our influence can go both ways. Imagine if you will, if a large mass of people had an unshakable peace within. Would there still be war? Would there still be conflict? The only way to find out is one person at a time allowing peace to be their driving force. Do I achieve this every day? No, I don't. But every time I do achieve it I'm helping the world find peace.I was struck by this image when I went in search of peace images. It seems to capture the true essence of peace. Many religions, faiths, spiritual paths represented around the world. All working together toward peace.Image from: