Ground to the earth

FALL-TREES-THEY-ARE-SO-COLORFall is here, leaves are drying out and falling from the trees and the heavy humidity of summer has disappeared here in Nova Scotia. In the fall the air becomes very light and so does our energy and we sometimes become ungrounded as a result. There are some very simple ways of grounding yourself and some can take only a minute.A very simple technique is to close your eyes and imagine roots growing from the balls of your feet into the earth about three to four feet down. For those who are visual by nature or feel energy easily this is very easy. It can take only a moment, but the result can be quite powerful.Another simple way to ground is to carry a dark stone. Tourmaline is excellent for grounding, especially when worn on your ankle or in your socks. Other dark stones like obsidian or onyx can also be good grounders.Yoga poses that are grounding include seated postures such as navasana or boat pose, sukhasana or easy seat as well as standing poses like vkrasana or tree. A different way to ground your energy while practicing yoga is to stand with the feet at sitting bone distance apart and lift and lower your hips in a bouncing fashion to allow your energy to move downward.If you need more time to get grounded, perhaps a meditation can help. Sit comfortably either on the floor or in a chair. Keeping a straight spine allow the shoulders to relax away from your ears and rest your hands in your lap. Relax your body by bringing your awareness into each body part starting from the toes and moving up to the top of the head. As you move to each body part move all of your attention to it and allow it to relax fully. When you've moved through the entire body and you feel relaxed, imagine rooting yourself to the earth in he same way mentioned earlier; imagine roots growing from the balls of your feet about 3-4 feet into the earth. Imagine the earth's energy coming back up through these roots into your feet. Let this energy be red in color. Bring this red energy up into your ankles, your lower legs, your knees and thighs. Allow it to move slowly up the legs focusing on each part of your limb to feel this energy. Move the energy up to the pelvis and hips. Imagine then that this red energy is circling at the root chakra at the pelvic floor. The chakra opens downward to the earth. The energy may circle either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Either way is fine, simply notice which way is more natural to you. Allow yourself to feel the earth's energy moving through your legs and pelvis opening up to earth and rooting you fully. When it feels as if you are grounded, bring your root chakra back to a more natural state, closing it slightly in your imagination and focus your energy back in your feet. Keep the roots that are grounding you down as you open the eyes.Sometimes those amongst us who practice spirituality can be a little on the 'flighty' side; we lose ourselves in the feeling of being beyond our earthly bodies. However, while we are being human it's important to stay on the earth in mind as well as body. We are here to experience our lives- we may as well live it! This requires us to remain grounded in our day to day world.