Lojong 20: Of the two witnesses, hold the principal one

This is part 20 of my series on Lojong, a Buddhist mind-training practice. lojong, self-knowledge, witness, spiritual development, spirituality, BuddhismThis slogan asks us to look within to see how we are doing on our spiritual path. Often times we are tempted to ask others for their opinion, or to seek approval from others as a measuring stick of sorts as to our "accomplishments" on the spiritual journey. The reality is, though, that we all travel alone. No one can know your mind truly; and you cannot truly know another's mind. We all come with our own biases and perceptions. Only you can know whether or not you feel compassion, if you are being phony, if you are aware. Others make assumptions about you based on their own experiences. If you need feedback about your 'progress' look within, use your self-knowledge. No matter how well we know someone, or how well they know us, personal perceptions always cloud that knowledge. Dive deep within your own soul to get at the heart of who you are.Witness your experiences like no one else can.