Anything is possible!

chinese proverb, anything possible, manifestationHow often in life do we hear that something can't be done, only to witness it being done shortly thereafter? I used to think that I couldn't do a handstand, that I would never stand on my forearms and that my body was getting older and I had to accept that. Hah! I can do anything I want with my body, as long as I move into what I want with ease, paying attention to my limits of today and pushing them ever so gently. I think now that anything that I want is only a matter of time. And this doesn't just go for physical efforts, it goes for everything in my life! Sometimes I forget the power that I have in my own mind to create anything that I want. As long as I open my mind to the many varied ways of getting there and get out of my own way, everything I want in life will come to me. Maybe not exactly as I imagined, but it will come. Trust in the universe to provide for you and what you wish will come to you too!