Seriously...have fun

fun workout, yoga, don't take yourself seriouslySometimes as yogis we find ourselves taking our practice of spirituality and our practice on the mat very seriously. I teach an intense class typically, but we also laugh through it which helps to trigger the endorphin release. But still, I get pretty serious with my own practice. Recently one of my coworkers asked if I would teach a class other than yoga (I used to work as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer) so I dusted off my aerobic shoes and did a class with stability balls, bands for resistance and loud music! We had fun. We sweated, we worked hard for sure! This class had no 'lessons' like a yoga class does, no deeper meaning. And you know, that was just fine!Now and then when I'm meditating my dog will come along and put his toy in my hand. I always think he's telling me to stop taking myself so seriously. Good advice from my little furry friend. Seriously, have fun- it's important too!