Reader Appreciation Award

Paul who writes the blog Awareness has nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award! I haven't been at this for all that long so I truly appreciate it! Paul's blog looks at ending the search for spirituality in favor of recognizing our own spiritual nature. If you haven't already checked it out I highly recommend it.Recipients of the award are asked to:

  1. Identify the awards and who gave them to you.
  2. Post the Logo on your blog.
  3. Share 7 items about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers to receive this award, and notify them on their blogs.

There are a lot of great blogs out there. I have a page that lists all of the blogs I follow. However, I need to pick some to nominate, so here they are. They're ones that I visit frequently:

  1. Boomie Bol
  2. L-Jay Health
  3. i am
  4. Clayzmama...
  5. Superaslifragilistic
  6. Cheryl's Yoga Shanti
  7. the beach house kitchen
  8. Prana and Peaches
  9. Bizarre Becomes Normal
  10. Awakening

Seven things about me:

  1. I am a chocolate fiend
  2. I love animals more than I love people
  3. I have a very large, very close family
  4. I do yoga asana every day and my body hurts when I don't do it
  5. I love Dr. Seuss (especially the grinch)
  6. I've taken psychic development classes
  7. I've seen all the Step Up movies (some several times) and even though they're cheesy stories I can't get enough of the dancing!

Once again, thanks so much for this, very much appreciated:)