What Is A Dad?A dad is someone whowants to catch you before you fallbut instead picks you up,brushes you off,and lets you try again.A dad is someone whowants to keep you from making mistakesbut instead lets you find your own way,even though his heart breaks in silencewhen you get hurt.A dad is someone whoholds you when you cry,scolds you when you break the rules,shines with pride when you succeed,and has faith in you even when you fail...~ UnknownMy father moved away to Alberta when I was 10 and I never saw or heard from him again. Having your father disappear on you can have some lasting effects, one of which may be not let people get close very easily. But everything happens for a reason, and maybe this happened so that I would only allow the very best of fathers back in my life.I met my ‘real’ father when I was 15. I didn’t know it at the time. I was a bad-tempered teenager with a chip in my shoulder that didn’t see much good in the world back then. I put my parents through some hell. I ran away from home, was drunk every weekend, snuck out in the middle of the night and was very self-destructive. Many step-fathers would have had a hard time with this behavior from a kid who wasn’t their own, especially one who they hadn’t known from a young age, but Paul seemed to take it in stride. He came to bars looking for me when I didn’t make it home and joked later that it was really easy to get past the lineups when you say you’re looking for your 16 year old daughter. Through these times I remember Paul having compassion and patience – lots of patience!Paul has supported me every step of the way since I met him. He encouraged me when I went to university the first time around, the second time around and the third and final time when I actually finished. He always acted as if what I had to say was intelligent and meaningful. He acted as if what I did was even impressive at times.When I became pregnant with my daughter I came home single, jobless, and scared. My parents were totally there for me. They didn’t behave as if this were a scandal or a tragedy; they acted like they were about to become grandparents. When I had my daughter they continued their support. They love my daughter completely. Paul is the best grandpa a kid could have.Paul is the person who drives me to the hospital when needed, who is there to lend a hand when necessary, who is there any time he’s needed really.I read somewhere that a mother is meant to be warm and loving and that fathers are there to show you how to be in the world. If that’s true, Paul has shown me how to take responsibility, how to commit, how to think about the big picture in situations, how to treat people with respect, how to honor another person, and even how to be vulnerable. He’s given me some great gifts over the years. So on this father’s day I just want to honor my father who I met at 15.