Yoga is a scientific approach to enlightenment. The word yoga means 'to yoke' or join. I think that yoga allows you to link breath to movement, to link mind and body, and also to connect to your higher self.When we practice yoga asana (poses) from a place of acceptance, we are able to make these connections much easier. We are able to flow within the practice rather than fighting our bodies to get deeper into a pose that we aren't ready for- or even one that we could do yesterday but can't today. When we can accept our physical limitations and flow we sometimes find that all of a sudden we can do that pose we were previously fighting with. When we practice acceptance of what is on our yoga mats, it prepares us for accepting what is off the mat. Maybe the next time something happens in our lives that we don't like, we can try to flow with it rather than resisting something that we cannot change. This doesn't mean that we don't make change for the future, but when something is happening right now, in this moment, can you accept it? This kind of acceptance can lead us to discovering what the lesson is much faster than fighting. And once we learn the lesson of those situations that we find uncomfortable or even unbearable, they tend to stop showing up in our lives.

Reena Davisyoga, yoga asana