The Politics of Fear

Found on pinterest.comI'm a yogi. I don't get into politics much. I vote for politicians who seem to have platforms that are most aligned with my belief system and values. I don't pay a lot of attention to the negative commentaries about opponents. I don't typically get into conversations about politics and certainly have no desire whatsoever to debate politics with anyone. Everyone has their own reasons for voting the way they do and I don't need to argue my side.Lately I'm seeing so much fear in the political world though. Even here in Canada. Politicians are pitting one group against another; asking shouldn't we be supporting veterans instead of refugees; they are enraging people with the niqab debate, demonizing Muslim women which at times leads to violence against this group. This also shifts the focus on real matters to ones that attempt to divide people.I know I'm just  yogi and I may be naive and even idealized at times, but why can't we support people - all people - no matter their status, their beliefs, the way the dress, the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs etc etc etc - just because they are in need? We are all in need of some support (I don't mean only financially) at some point. I find myself making an extra effort to smile at people on the street - especially if they wear a head scarf of any kind - in the hopes that they will at least see one smiling (and thus supportive) face today. I want to make sure refugees are taken care of AND veterans are taken care of. Why does one need to cancel out the other?Found on pinterest.comI want to see integrity in politics, not fear. Especially not fear just to win. I wish all politicians were yogis at heart.