Death of a Guru

thoughtsWayne Dyer has passed away. He didn't refer to himself as a guru, but I think of him as one. Through his words whether written or spoken, I found great wisdom, great motivation and just good sense. His words weren't complicated, he didn't over or under explain his theories. In their simplicity were profound thoughts though.

mindAfter reading Wishes Fulfilled I signed up to do my yoga teacher training, which was somewhat of a life changing experience for me. His words inspired me to go after what I wanted, to ask myself how I could be of service to the world and to explore my mind and spirit more deeply. He inspired me to become more peaceful, or more correctly to find the peace that was already within. Wayne Dyer introduced me to many other writers deathand teachers as well. He made such an impact on my life, and I know he impacted many others as well. His words will live on of course. They will continue to move people, me included. I will continue to be motivated to better myself in part because he touched my soul. His spirit will truly live on even if his journey with us has ended.