The Energy of Hate

Forgiveness Martin luther KingHave you ever found yourself saying "I hate" someone or something? How does it feel to you? For me, whenever I use the word hate - and I do sometimes - I feel it in my chest. Like a tightness. Words can be very powerful. They have energy attached to them often. The energy itself is not in the word, though, but in our own experience of it I believe. If you have experience of hate, whether it is feeling hated or hating, you have an emotion attached to the word. Any time we attach emotions to our thoughts or words, we give them power and energy. And when we put that type of energy into the world it brings us down. It lowers our own vibration and we feel off in some way. We are all human and we feel emotions of every kind. We experience it all so that we can determine which emotions feel right for us and which don't. We can contrast them and figure out when we feel most aligned with nature and with the universal flow of energy. When we allow ourselves to be brought into the lower frequencies and stay there, we impact the quality of our experience of being human. We all have to go through our tough times and our lows. Hopefully as we go along the path of our lives we figure out how to get out of those lows more quickly and we get to a place in our lives where we no longer feel ourselves hating or judging. My practicing loving kindness every day we find ourselves drawing more love and kindness to us. The more people in the world who practice, the more the entire world will heal.Ask yourself each day how you will practice loving kindness and compassion today. And always remember to practice with yourself as well as others.