Time for choices

With the new year often come resolutions- to get fit, to lose weight, to eat healthier, quit a bad habit are all common ones. It's tough to stick to them though isn't it? I'm not one for making resolutions myself as I set goals for myself throughout the year, and goals are really all about making choices. Whether you are making a new year's resolution or setting a goal, you need to first make a decision. Once a decision is clear then go about your days making choices to support that decision. I realize this makes it seem as if going down a new path is easy and I know first hand how difficult it can be. If you have decided you truly want to achieve something though, then you have to remember that every step you take in life is a choice. If your choices support the direction you want for yourself you can't fail. When you do make a decision that goes against what you want though, that doesn't mark the end of the journey- it's only one of hundreds of choices you make every day. Don't beat yourself up about it, just remember that you have another choice to make next time the situation arises.Happy new year to all. I wish you the very best for 2015!