What Do You Want?

“I bargained with Life for a penny,And Life would pay no more,However I begged at eveningWhen I counted my scanty store;For Life is just an employer,He gives you what you ask,But once you have set the wages,Why, you must bear the task.I worked for a menial's hire,Only to learn, dismayed,That any wage I had asked of Life,Life would have paid.”― Jessie B. Rittenhouse

We have a tendency as humans to want something other than what we currently have, but focus on either that which we are unhappy with or on what we fear.If we spend our time fearfully thinking about something - whether it's illness, being poor, never finding love or any number of things we turn over in our minds - our energy is being put on that very thing. Having our energy on something like this is akin to creating an intention to manifest it. The same is true when we focus on what 'is' (whether a true reflection of what is or not). For example, if we believe we are poor and spend our time complaining about not having enough money, the universe will ensure that we get exactly what we seem to be asking for.When asking for that which we want, we must allow ourselves to imagine it. Set an intention on that image and then let it go. By continually keeping the image in mind we may find ourselves once again creating the intention of scarcity - 'I don't have enough'. When we work for what we want without a feeling of desperation the universe will support the intention, the decision. Once the intention is clear suddenly the right people, circumstances and thoughts will come. Before we know it, we have exactly what we wished for.