Chase the Sensation

In yoga asana when we experience discomfort we often want to back away from it. We want to ease the discomfort by coming out of the pose rather than experiencing it, going into it deeply, and allowing it to dissolve naturally. When we chase the sensation by staying with it we begin to understand what we can handle, where we can relax through stress, and that all discomfort and pain does end.emotional painWe do the same thing in our daily lives. We tend to chase that which feels good and move away from that which brings about feelings that we consider 'bad'. If it doesn't feel good, we don't want to experience it. Through experiencing all that life has to offer- the good, the bad and the ugly - we allow ourselves to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. It is only through growth that we can become who we are meant to be, become someone that can live fearlessly, go after anything that we want, that we feel unlimited. We learn that no matter the obstacle we can get through it; and not only get through it, but thrive within the seeming chaos that life offers us. And really, it is an offer. An invitation to grow, to experience, to become.Chase the sensation, no matter what it is, so that you can become who you are truly meant to be.