See the Light

I was watching the show Cosmos, the episode entitled "Hidden in the Light", today and it got me thinking about spirituality (which this show often does - probably not the producers intention). Anyway, the visible spectrum of light goes from red in the lowest frequency to purple in the highest frequency. The colours along this spectrum are the same as that which have been identified as the colours corresponding to each of the main chakras. This isn't really surprising to someone like me who spends time thinking about such things and making links in my mind between the things I learn about science (my very rudimentary knowledge!) and spirit. What I got thinking about, though, was the otherFrom: of the light spectrum: the gamma rays and ultraviolet waves for example. These are the ones we can't see with our eyes. Could these rays be akin to the soul, to spirit? Or could there be further waves along the spectrum that we simply haven't detected yet?I took a philosophy class once called philosophy of mind. Throughout the term we were to argue for one side of a question: whether or not the soul existed. I argued for the existence of the soul but was stuck on one question the prof asked - how does a non-material object interact with a material one? This particular prof didn't believe in the existence of god or the soul or anything like that and argued his side of the case strongly in the media and in his classes. But the question of how a non-material object interacts with a material one is a question for scientist to answer I think (as opposed to a second year BA student). I always felt when I considered this question that there was something right on the tip of my tongue, an answer waiting to come out. I thought about gravity and the fact that we can't see it. But I never knew how to argue the side of the equation. Scientists know a lot more now than we did then in the late 80's when I took this course. With quantum physics I think we are getting closer and closer to the answers of the soul; the answers that will actually satisfy the scientists and those who might be unwilling to open their minds to the possibility right now. I wonder when I watch shows about the universe, the stars, the planets what our world will look like in a hundred years, 200 years and beyond. Will the place of the soul reveal itself? For those who believe and who feel that there is something outside that which we sense with the five senses, this will be no surprise. We already use other senses, don't we? We use our intuition, our inner knowing, whatever you wish to call it, to sense something more existing in all those around us. Is it possible that we've already seen the light?