Lojong Slogan 26 ~ Don't Ponder Others

This is part 26 of my series on Lojong, Buddhist Mind-training.Photo from: http://therapystew.com/self-esteem-girls/This slogan asks that rather than comparing ourselves and our circumstances to others, we simply experience our lives. We look at ourselves with objectivity, not dwelling on the faults or the virtues. To look within in an unbiased way can be very difficult. We tend to constantly compare ourselves to others, whether it is with regards to their body, looks, finances, education, homes any other number of comparisons. Some people never measure up to others in their own minds, leading to low self-esteem. Others believe they are better than everyone else, leading to a false sense of superiority.I read an article on Elephant Journal this week by Angel Kalafatis called The Yoga of (My) Body Hatred. She describes her experience with comparing herself to others in a very brave and honest way. How often we do this without even thinking about it!The next time you walk into a room and see someone, can you resist the urge to draw comparisons? Can you look in the mirror with objectivity? Can you simply see flaws without dwelling on them and without judgement? Are you able to see others accomplishments and positive features without interpreting them as a comment on your own shortcomings or imperfections?Practice this slogan daily and perhaps one day you will simply see yourself and those around you in a completely unbiased way.