Happy New Year!

happy new year sanskrit, new year yoga, resolutions, bllissDid you make a new year's resolutions this year? If so, were you gentle with yourself? It's important when we make resolutions or intentions that they are not based in fear. Whenever we act from fear or self- loathing of any kind we do ourselves an injustice. Rather than making a resolution to lose weight for appearance sake, are you able to resolve to maintain your health? Maybe your health is already fantastic and the desire for weight loss is simply a bi-product of an unrealistic piece of society that seeks perfection. Maybe you need more balance in your life rather than the elimination of a food group or the beginning of an assault on your own body in the form of over exercising. Look at your intentions and resolutions with an eye for non-harming, ahimsa, and remember the harm you do yourself when you repeatedly tell yourself that you aren't good enough as you are. Seek perfection only of your thoughts, and when your thinking turns to negativity forgive yourself because you are human. We can only do our best; and through doing our best we are perfect.My resolution this year is to surrender. To let go of the end goal and just allow myself to be. I will undoubtedly mess up along the way, but every time I come back to a place of surrender, I'll come back to peace and bliss with what is. I wish for all of you a year filled with recognition- recognition of your own peace, your own bliss, the happiness that already exists within you. I wish you all moments of recognizing your own perfection.