Thai Yoga Massage

thai yoga massage, metta, loving kindness, presence, presetn moment awareness, live in the present, meditation, loving kindness, Last week I returned from Toronto where I was taking my level 2 training in Thai Yoga Massage at the Lotus Palm School. This is a type of massage that is more dynamic that what we normally expect when going for massage. The practitioner takes you through several stretches and massages the body in a rocking motion. The rocking makes it very rhythmic and meditative. It's like having a lovely dance with someone caring. What I love most about this form of massage, though, is that it is rooted in metta, loving kindness. Whenever we purposefully practice metta magic happens! I find myself continually asking spirit to guide me for the greatest well-being of the client; to allow them to experience whatever they need from the massage; and to allow me to be a tool for spiritual healing. I get quite lost in these massages, the world outside of the room simply disappears.Coming back to my regular job after a week of practice in this lovely art was a bit difficult. A place where metta is not practiced with such purpose feels cold and shocking after experiencing this wonderful group of people. I am reminded, though, of two things. First, no matter where I am, my metta practice can continue. I don't need to be swallowed up in the 'grind' as it is presented to me: I can change my world by changing my perception. The second thing that occurs to me is that I do need to embrace the moment I'm in- it's the only one I have after all! When we are able to fully experience each moment and make it the best moment possible we embrace life. We do not allow externals to shake our core. And that's what truly matters; who we are inside, at the core. The more we can allow that inner self to shine, the more in tune with nature we will be and the more peaceful and happy we are.