20130719-072840.jpgHave you ever looked back on something that has happened in your life and been able to identify all of the steps that took you to where you have arrived? Have you ever wondered at the small event that seemed somewhat meaningless that changed your direction? Or, the event that was painful that took you exactly where you need to be? I certainly have. I look back and think 'oh, that was why that had to happen' or 'huh, who would have thought that would lead me to this place'. I absolutely love it when I see these stepping stones. I know fully that what I seek truly is seeking me as Rumi says. I wonder at the way that life just lines up to present us with the opportunities for growth and for finding a way to fulfill our truest purpose. It amazes me still. I've learned over the years to identify when something is being presented like a gift to me; I see the signs a little bit earlier than I used to. And they really are gifts. This knowing, this feeling of being in synchronicity with universal intelligence. It brings about a feeling of peace- knowing that we're not alone on this path.