I choose to be a host to God

I just came from seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer. I never thought I'd get the chance to see him in person, but today he was in Halifax. It was very exciting. When he came on stage I asked the woman next to me that I'd been chatting to if she felt like she was seeing a rock star too. She did.I'm not the best photographer, but here he is on stage.There was so much in the three hours that he spoke that I couldn't possibly do it justice, but there were a few things that I'll mention. He talked a fair amount about dharma, noting that if it feels good, that's akin to feeling god. As long as what  you do doesn't harm or interfere with anyone else and it feels good, it is likely what you are meant to be doing. He told us that the root of the word enthusiasm (from the Greek word enthousiasmos) means to have God within. Feeling good and feeling enthusiastic about what you are doing is to find God within yourself.  By finding God within ourselves we open to divine love. Dyer spoke of the work of Peter Deunov, a Bulgarian spiritual master, and how he differentiated between human, spiritual and divine love. Human love comes and goes almost on a whim. Spiritual love is like that we have for our children. It stays with us, but it varies. There is often fear attached to it. We fear for our children, or for ourselves in relation to them. Divine love has no opposite. It goes on no matter what. It doesn't diminish, it is pure. It is beyond duality. We have no concept for love without the opposite of hatred or fear. Just like without the concept of up we would have no concept of down. Divine love is different. It is beyond the duality when all becomes one. The soul needs room to grow into these concepts. Dyer began to sing "Don't Fence Me In" at one point to explain how the soul needed to grow and rebelled against being stifled.There was so much more to it, and Dyer's enthusiasm shines when he speaks. I am grateful that I had the chance to see him. He is inclusive in his language, not choosing one god over another. He is a practicing yogi still at 73. He motivates and inspires me.In closing he said that we all have a choice. We can either be a host to God or a hostage to our ego. What do you choose today?