Busy couple of weeks!

I've been very busy over the past couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to write on my blog. I had prepared a couple of posts before going away to Jamaica on the 25th and scheduled them to post while away. I thought I'd have time to write when I came back but was in a course for Thai Yoga Massage and ended up very busy and tired with that!Jamaica was fabulous. Lots of laying in the sun but I did get in some yoga on the beach. This is me doing a headstand- a very typical yoga teacher shot when on a beach!sirsasana, headstand imageDoing yoga in sand is really quite nice. You have lots of give when you land from jumps. And if you're into hot yoga you've got it built in. Your hair does get quite messy though :)  

This past week I took a Thai Yoga Massage level 1 course offered by Lotus Palm. thai yoga massageIf you've never had this type of massage I highly recommend it. It leaves you feeling very open and loose as well as relaxed. The massage has roots in the Buddhist concept of metta, or loving kindness, which I've written about before. Giving the massage feels quite meditative and almost dance-like so it's experienced by giver and receiver both. I met some lovely people during the course and there was fantastic energy around. The instructor, Mirabai, was excellent as well. I fell in love with giving this massage during the week and look forward to practicing on family and friends. I'll be taking the next level in the fall. I'll get back to my normal writing this week!

yogaReena Davis