Best Moments Award

first-best-moment-award-winnerRuby from Your Inner Feathers awarded me with the "Best Moments Award" for my post "Lojong 12: Drive All Blames into One".

Your Inner Feathers is a lovely blog, her tagline 'Spiritual Life Stylist' tells you that on this blog you will be getting some inspiration of a different sort. The Feather Inspirations are short, meaningful and informative pieces that you can simply put into practice in your life. I encourage you to visit Ruby for inspiration!

The custom when receiving this award is to make a short 'speech'. I'm quite touched by this award as it goes to people who:

“live in the moment,The noble who write and capture the best in life,The bold who reminded us what really mattered -Savoring the experience of quality time.”Being put into this category is meaningful to me as I strive to live in each and every moment of my time, whether pleasant or not, taking lessons as they surface, savoring those moments that feel nice. I hope to bring readers on the journey as I explore my own spiritual life and pick up pieces of wisdom on the way. I'm definitely a work in progress, gaining acceptance, detachment and happiness as I go along. I'm very grateful to the readers of my blog!There are so many blogs that I read and love. Here are just a few other posts that I would like to award with the "Best Moments Award":Miraculous Endeavors for their post Looking for the Open Doors Daniels Yoga for the post Natural RhythmsSuperaalifragilistic for their post Becoming a Guru Part 2 (You should also read part 1, funny stuff :) )Friend Nature for the Nature Series PaintingsJulianna Ricci for Only Light Can Do That Once again, thank you to Ruby for this award. Namaste ~