Imagine that!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”― Pablo Picasso

picasso, art, imagination, reality, manifestationIt is through our imaginations that we bring into reality our deepest truths and desires. When we imagine our bodies healing, our dream jobs and our own happiness, we bring these things into existence. Anything that we imagine can be- we are only limited by our own imaginations.The four Sanskrit words for imagination are vikalpa, a random image or fantasy; kalpana, an intentional mental creation; pratibha, spontaneous visionary insight; and bhavana, yogic contemplation and visioning.For most of us, vikalpas are the most prominent of our imaginative experiences. They are random thoughts that come up which have no real purpose. When we are more intentional in how we use our imagination, through kalpanas, we begin to create our world more deliberately. Imagination always precedes reality.If you could live your perfect life what would it look like? Which people would be there with you? What work would you do? How would you feel emotionally? Can you really bring this into your own imagination? Meditate on this image and see what happens. Bring the strong image to mind and then let it go, don't dwell on it. Give it to the universe and the universe will help to make your imaginings your reality.