Lojong Slogan 10: Begin the sequence of sending and taking with yourself

This is part 10 of my Lojong series, the Buddhist mind training teachingssuffering, Buddhist, lojong, meditation, spirituality, loving, loving-kindness, compassionThis slogan asks that we begin to look at our own suffering, to really get to know it, to feel it, to examine why it stays with us, what keeps it going? We breathe in our own suffering wholly whether it be physical, mental, or emotional in order to really get to know what suffering is. By examining our own suffering in this way we begin to build compassion for ourselves, the first step in building compassion for others. So bring it in, welcome it fully, really figure out why the suffering continues- even if you feel you should not suffer because your life is pretty good- examine it without guilt. Accept fully what it is you feel. Feel compassion and loving kindness for your own situation so that you can spread that sentiment to others. This begins the journey of healing and peace not only for ourselves but for the world.