Lojong Slogan 9: In All Activities, Train with Slogans

This is part 9 of my series on Lojong- Tibetan Buddhist mind training practice.Once you are clear on the Lojong slogans, you can bring them into everything that you do. You may find that they pop into your mind in particular situations. To be more intentional about bringing them into your experiences you could make cards of the slogans to keep on your desk or with you. It's also possible to purchase cards with the slogans on them (here's one place to buy them: Lojong-Slogan-Cards).Lojong, compassion, loving, loving image, kindness, lojong slogansThe point of the slogans is to create more loving-kindness, to meditate on the concept of creating more loving in the world and, of course, within ourselves. The more people that are setting the intention to create a world that is more loving and kind to all of earth's inhabitants the more peace we will create. It is meant to be a practical practice where we work with the parts of ourselves that are not 'smooth'- the moments when we feel embarrassed, challenged, more intense that we would like to be or simply confused. We uncover more of our real selves and are then better able to take on the perspective of others; bringing more compassion into our immediate world and beyond.