Advaita ~ Nondualism

Advaita literally means “not two” and refers to the idea that there is only one reality; that we all come from the same source. We all experience our lives differently; we perceive our worlds differently and think differently. However, the source from which we all come is the same. We are all made up of the same stuff - people, plants, animals; everything is made of the same stuff at a subatomic level. By way of analogy, consider the ocean. When we remove a cup of water from the ocean, is it still the ocean that is in the cup? Similarly, we are all born of spirit and continue to be spirit. It is the maya, the illusion, which tells us otherwise.Some say that you can experience this oneness in your everyday life by considering where one object or experience ends and the next begins. For example, when you hear a bird sing, where does the bird stop and the sound begin? Where does the sound stop and you begin? If it’s possible that the bird and the sound are one and the same, and that the sound and you are one, does that mean that you and the bird are also one?