When I logged into facebook this morning, I saw a quote from Swami Sivananda:“You should clearly understand the aim of life. Then you should chalk out a line of work that is congenial to your aim. You should work hard to realise the aim. You should try every second to live up to that ideal. You can realise the ideal this very moment, or after ten years by walking with faltering steps.”It seems to me to me that Swamiji was talking about dharma here. Everyone has a dharma, a purpose in life, and when we find our purpose we tend to love what we do. We align ourselves with the universal laws so we are in harmony with the universe. When we are in harmony in this way, there is always a demand for whatever service we are here to give and we create abundance in our lives.Some people find their purpose, their dharma, very early on in their lives. For others there is vague notion of what we want, but no clear vision. And then there are those who have absolutely no idea. If we can become very clear on what it is that we wish to accomplish and discard anything in our lives that doesn’t point us in the direction of that intention, we can’t miss. Deepak Chopra says we must ask ourselves “how can I serve?” or “how can I help?” and that the answers are within us. When we get quiet we can hear those answers. We do need to be definite in what we wish to accomplish, and be unwavering about it. It’s then that we don’t allow others to sway us from our purpose, we don’t allow negative thinking to enter the equation and we trust that the universe will provide whatever we need to make it happen. We keep taking the steps needed to get there and then we find that situations, people or things that support our dharma just start to show up.A few questions that we can ask ourselves to get started in finding our dharma are:

  • What are my unique talents?
  • When have I felt really good about what I’m doing?
  • Who are my heroes?
  • What did I love to do as a child?

Once you’ve developed a vision for what want to do, ask yourself what you can do today to get closer to your vision.In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra outlines three commitments that we can make to apply the law of dharma:

  • I am going to seek my higher self, which is beyond my ego, through spiritual practice.
  • I am going to discover my unique talents, and finding my unique talents, I am going to enjoy myself, because the process of enjoyment occurs when I go into timeless awareness. That’s when I am in a state of bliss.
  • I am going to ask myself how I am best suited to serve humanity. I am going to answer that question and then put it into practice.

If you’ve found your dharma, what advice can you offer someone who is still searching? Do you have any insightful questions that a person can ask themselves to find their life’s purpose? Share them here!